Youth Water Polo Club

Close up of boy playing in water polo tournament

Life's a Ball, Just Add Water

Shaquatics is a very unique water polo club. We have quality coaching of the fundamentals along with great students and teammates. We invite you to come out and watch any of our practices, and please come up and introduce yourselves, we'd love to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

Class Descriptions


All new students begin in the Fundamentals class, even those with prior water polo experience. Emphasis is on proper swimming technique, eggbeater, ball-handling, and passing skills. We teach students how to be good teammates. We also stress good character, good sportsmanship, and having fun learning a great sport.


Our intermediate class will introduce basic strategies of the game as well as proper defensive techniques, passing under pressure, and shooting skills. Students in the intermediate class will begin to scrimmage local teams as they progress in the sport. Events Calendar


Our advanced class will cover all the basic fundamentals taught in the Fundamentals Class and the Intermediate class, but at a higher level and a faster pace. Students in this class are preparing for the high school level and are self-motivated and focused water polo players. Events Calendar